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X by James Conti

X by James Conti

$ 24.95

The power to manipulate ink! Change inked drawings or writing before your spectator's eyes! 


A card is selected and returned to the deck. Next, the magician introduces the "X" card within the deck: a card with a big, bold "X" drawn onto its back. When its face is revealed, unfortunately it doesn't match the spectator's selection. But with just a flick, the "X" on the back of the card magically changes into the value and suit of their selected card! 

This is super visual and happens in a blink of an eye! And it looks great - very magical! 

X by James Conti is NOT only limited to playing card reveals... how about changing a caterpillar into a butterfly? Or perhaps link two drawn finger rings together magically for wedding parties? 

CHANGE and ANIMATE ANY drawing you can think of - it's truly limited by your own imagination! 

Comes complete with pre-made "X" gimmick, materials to make another gimmick and online video instructions.

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