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UNLOAD 2.0 (Red) by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions

UNLOAD 2.0 (Red) by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions

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Discover a tool that you can use every day to realize a lot of different effects! 

For example, imagine a freely selected card by the spectator. The card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck. The entire deck is put in the card case. And now, you are able to make all the cards vanish except the selected and signed card. The spectator can open the box and see only one card, his signed card! 

Anthony created the Unload Box to be able to realize this powerful effect, but it's the only effect possible. In this NEW version, UNLOAD 2.0, Anthony teaches you how to realize a lot of different effects with only this gimmicked box. This box looks like a regular box but allows you, for example: 

- To vanish an entire deck of cards 
- To force a card and perform prediction effects 
- To secretly extract a card that will reappear to an impossible location 
- To insert a card in the box to perform powerful effects 
- To realize some visual effects 
- And more... 

You will receive the Unload Box 2.0 (ready to use) with a regular deck of cards (quality Bicycle rider back) and you will have access to videos to learn how to use this special card case. 

"The gimmick is very clever!" 
- David Penn
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