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Shin Lim Presents INKLING by Abdullah Mahmoud

Shin Lim Presents INKLING by Abdullah Mahmoud

$ 34.95

An effect so visual, so impossible, one could only describe this as a camera trick - except it isn't. INKLING creates a visually stunning moment of magic, as the ink on your skin appears to instantly move on your command! 

Sample effects:
  • The ink on your skin changes from one drawing to another
  • Two drawings on your skin merge into one
  • The drawing disappears and instantly becomes an actual 3D object
From the mind of Abdullah Mahmoud, INKLING creates a perfect opportunity to grab an onlooker's attention, whether on the street or on Instagram. Because of its fast pace, it will hook even the most distracted passerby. 

Gimmick included 
Online instructions 
Some DIY required

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