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Pure Cardistry (Black) Training Playing Cards (7 Packets)

Pure Cardistry (Black) Training Playing Cards (7 Packets)

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Pure Cardistry Training Playing Cards is specially designed for the cardistry player. It's composed of 7 pieces of organic plastic blocks. The thickness is the same as the normal Bicycle Playing Card. Each block has a sleek dark black color, as well as a moderate weight. 

7 cuts and under can be used for the cardistry exercise. Excellent for practicing one-handed cuts. 

1. The weight is moderate. The cutting edge passes through the special sanding treatment, so you can have a very strong control of the card. 

2. The thickness is moderate. When you practice cardistry, it's not easy to separate. 

3. The playing card is washable, which is very convenient!

Note: The training cards are black, the card box is white.
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