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Parallel Universe Singularity Playing Cards

Parallel Universe Singularity Playing Cards

$ 16.00

HypieLab is back again to instil fun and kooky ideas to our serious dabble in playing cards. This time around, they worked around, in front, behind and in all directions with the idea of parallel or alternate universe and multiple realities. In addition, HypieLab is also experimenting with the technique of overprinting technique in this project.

Parallel Universe! is more than just the weirdness of entertaining the thought that there might be many you-s out there going through different lives. Parallel Universe! is also about all the what-ifs- what if I did that, what if I chose that, what if I didn't know about that. Think of all the possibilities that can happen in your life. It is strangely empowering to even entertain that thought!
  • Designed by Sin Yee Lam & produced by HypieLab Company, a design studio based in Hong Kong.
  • Fully custom pips & courts.
  • Cards printed by USPCC. Made in USA.
  • Singularity craft tuck cases made of premium quality paper stock by GMUND from Germany. Manufactured and letter pressed in Hong Kong.

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