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MUSIC BOX Standard (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Gee Magic

MUSIC BOX Standard (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Gee Magic

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Music is one of the most powerful art forms that we have. Now imagine combining it with magic.


1. You start by showing a music box and strip of paper with some holes. You start playing the music and they will not recognize the sound. They choose a song and they imagine it playing in their head. Then, they play the music box and the song they are thinking of starts to play.

2. After the spectator chooses a song you introduce a strip of paper and you ask the spectator to think of that song. You then start poking some holes on the strip. They insert the strip into the music box and the song they are thinking of starts to play.

3. Show them the music box and start playing your favorite song. Then the spectator is asked to choose a song. Then, by magic, their chosen song starts playing in the same strip as your favorite song was played.

4. In this routine you will make your spectator believe that you place a song or melody in their head that was never there.

5. You place a prediction on the table and show a pack of cards with songs and melodies written on it. You ask your spectator to choose three songs. Then you take the three chosen songs and place them on the table. You ask them if it would be amazing if you guessed one of the songs. You show your prediction and it's wrong. Then you show the spectator that every single card has some holes and those holes make the music of your prediction. They won't believe it so you introduce the music box and you put the three chosen cards and your prediction together in music box and the song that was written on the prediction will play.

You will receive:

- 25 strips of paper;
- 2 Special Strips of paper;
- 20 cards with songs and melodies written on;
- Music box and hole puncher;
- 10 (Standard V) 20 (Premium V) Songs and melodies;

Songs & melodies (Standard Version)
  • Happy birthday
  • Ed Sheeran - Perfect
  • Beatles - Hey Jude
  • Wish you a Merry Christmas
  • Aqua - Barbie girl
  • Jingle Bells
  • Stars Wars - Theme song
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Tetris
Songs and Melodies (Premium Version)
  • All 10 songs from the standard version
  • Christina Perri - Thousand Years
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Coldplay - Scientist
  • Titanic - Theme song
  • Harry Potter - Theme song
  • Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
  • Jurassic Park - theme song
  • Passenger - Let her go
  • A whole new world - Aladdin
  • Mission Impossible - theme song
Music brings memories, emotions and joy to our life and we are very pleased to bring Music Box to you.
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