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MIXED PERCEPTION by Cameron Francis

MIXED PERCEPTION by Cameron Francis

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A killer, almost self-working small packet triumph with three incredible climaxes! 

Comes with 6 special gaff cards 


 The spectator selects any six cards from the deck. The cards are removed and one selected. 

The magician then flips three cards face up and clearly interlaces them between the other three face down cards. As he squares up the packet, the magician explains that there are three magical ways to distinguish the selection from the other five cards. 

The magician gives the packet a twist and WITH NO FUNNY MOVES AT ALL, spreads the cards. All of the cards are now face down except the selection! 

The magician then removes the selection and gives it a rub on his sleeve. The card is turned over and is now seen to have a different colored back! 

As if that wasn't enough, the other five cards are turned over and they now have blank faces!
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