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Medieval Stone Limited Edition by Elephant Playing Cards

Medieval Stone Limited Edition by Elephant Playing Cards

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 5000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Eye-Catching Sophistication.

Medieval transports you back in time with iconic designs featuring noble knights, beautiful ladies and fearsome creatures. Inspired by the great artist Diego Velasquez, Medieval captivates you with its elegance and grandeur.

Turn Heads With Next-Level Luxury.

With beautiful hand-illustrated artwork, thicker embossed card stock and textured tuckbox paper, you will be the Hero of Games Night. Medieval decks are in another league from regular cards, and everyone who uses them knows it.

Stand Out With The Unique Wax-Replica Seal.

The intricate artwork is accented by the stunning red wax-replica seal and period-authentic box construction, perfect for any game or to give as an awesome gift. TIP: Once opened, the flap can easily be tucked inside to make a conventional deck box.

Quality Trusted By Thousands.

Don't settle for boring, cheap or low-quality cards. Join thousands of Medieval fans who LOVE the unique designs on superior, thick, embossed, casino-grade card stock and world-class printing techniques which help our decks overcome humidity and frequent usage.

Built For Play.

Every card is perfectly aligned and precision cut for superior handling, shuffling and dealing. The air cushioned finish allows them to slide effortlessly over each other, making them perfect for gaming. These were made to play! Make sure to check out the Black, Gold and Royal editions as well!
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