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Lux Hominum (Aureum) Playing Cards

Lux Hominum (Aureum) Playing Cards

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The old wise say there are creatures beautiful living among us, at a higher frequency where they grant us their positive energies.

They are kind creatures with the mission to guide us through the obstacles of life.

These mystical entities are called “beings of light”.

To connect with them, you must silence your world, and search inside of you.

You are the means to contact them and you always have been, you only have you feel them and you can listen to them.

The main design of the Lux Hominum Playing Cards represents the range of colors that white light is made of.

And if you mix all the colors again you will create the white Ace of Spades.

One deck complements the other, cold light and warm light.

In the Aureum deck of cards you will find an ancient spiritual symbol on each card.

Spades Aureum Courts

The spades are spirits of the forest.

The Jack has the symbol of the hand of Fatima: a talisman that protects from disease and attracts good luck. He is a faun who represents music and the music sheet that is written is a part of the song “now we are free”, the theme of the movie “The Gladiator”.

The Queen has the symbol of the tree of life. She represents a Nymph.

The King has an owl and a book, which evoke knowledge. He represents a Wise from the mountains

Hearts Aureum Courts

The hearts are the wise men of the East.

The Jack represents a Shaolin monk, it has the symbol “Ying Yang”: the duality between good and evil.

The Queen is a beautiful Hindu woman, her symbol is “the lotus flower”: purity of soul and spirit

The King is inspired by the god “Brahma”, the most important symbol you will see is “Ohm”: Union with the spirit. He also holds a conch shell: victory, and of course the sword with which he defeats the demons.

Clovers Aureum Courts

The clovers are pre-Hispanic Royal Court Characters.

Jack is a” Ha-lash” warrior (Mayan chief) with the symbol, “Kxc3xa1n”: abundance and maturity

The Queen is a Mayan maiden. The symbol is a mystery, it is believed that it symbolizes the god “Hunab Ku”: the heart that coordinates the entire universe. In his hand he holds the symbol “xochitl”: flower.

The King is an Aztec “Tlatoani”. (Maximum ruler). The symbol is “Ollin”: perpetual motion.

Diamond Aureum Courts

The diamonds represent various regions

The Jack of Diamonds has 7 hidden symbols, never lose sight of it. Well, all together are the way to happiness. Inspired by the book “the monk who sold his Ferrari”. Here is the explanation of each one:

  • The garden: Never let the garden of your mind fill with plague, negative thoughts that do not make you happy. Transmute them, watch them and let them go, don’t fight them.
  • The lighthouse. Set goals in your life, whether they are short or long term.
  • The sumo wrestler. Practice Kaisen, continuously improve every day.
  • Belt or cord. Create new disciplines.
  • The gold watch. Please respect your time.
  • The roses. Live to serve.
  • The diamonds. Enjoy the little moments of life and the present.

The Queen is inspired by the Celtic Goddess Danu. The symbol it protects is the triquetra: Life, death and rebirth. It also represents body, mind and spirit.

The King is inspired by the greatest warriors in history: the Spartans. The symbols are, Alpha and Omega: the beginning and the end. The laurel: victory in life.

The Joker Aureum is a magician who is meditating reaching enlightenment through the alignment of the chakras. Represented by the suits of the deck.

Each Aureum Deck will contain:

  • 52 cards from Ace to King
  • 2 Jokers
  • 2 Gaff Card
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