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ICON BLK Playing Cards by Pure Imagination Project

ICON BLK Playing Cards by Pure Imagination Project

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What is an ICON

Maybe it's something simple. An app on your phone. A picture. 

Maybe it's something more. A symbol. A metaphor. An inspiration. 

We all have that person - someone that drives us to be the best we can be. They may be a friend or family member, but maybe it's someone you've never met. A celebrity. A CEO. An athlete. 

No matter who your ICON is, no matter their background, they spark creativity in you. They spark a drive. A sense of motivation that no one else can. 

Embedded within the ICON deck is a series of the simple things - graphics depicting seemingly random symbols. Looking deeper we find meaning within the symbols - peace, lust for wealth, creative inspiration. The ICON deck opens a door to creative expression. What was once seemingly random can be understood - by YOU.
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