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I.D.D. by Chris Rawlins

I.D.D. by Chris Rawlins

$ 10.00

Chris Rawlins is back with an offbeat and amazing solution to the classic drawing duplication. As in the classic effect, someone is invited to walk away from the group and draw any shape or thing she likes. You are able to duplicate what she drew with uncanny accuracy. 

What makes this cool and so very different from what has come before is that you are NOT glimpsing information and then re-drawing it. You are not FORCING the spectator to draw something predetermined. Nor do you rely on any kind of pre-show at all. Instead, you rely on something so basic but also so unsuspecting that we think this will fool you. It fooled us! What you see in the trailer is EXACTLY what it looks like in real life. Nothing has been doctored or left out. 

The DVD teaches the entire routine, which is easy to perform and easy to make. 

Running time: 20 minutes

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