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Hannya Playing Cards

Hannya Playing Cards

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Hannya Playing Cards features the traditional Japanese Hannya mask, portraying the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy -- now immortalized through tattoos. 

As a follow-up to the Mandala Playing Cards, Damien O'Brien has used his own Hannya tattoo as inspiration for the Hannya Playing Cards

Demonic and dangerous but also sorrowful and tormented, the Hannya mask pays tribute to the complexity of human emotions. 

When looking straight ahead, the mask appears frightening and angry; when tilted slightly down, the face of the demon appears to be sorrowful, as though crying. In much the same way, the gold foil mask on the Hannya Playing Cards tuck case emerges from the black mat darkness and peers into your soul. 

Two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes, and leering mouth are emblazoned with gold foil on each card back. The tools of the trade are highlighted on the Jokers. 

The custom drawn court cards pay homage to the creative mischief of magicians including Jeremy Griffith, Daniel Madison,  and Damien, himself, on the custom drawn court cards. 

Designed by Damien O'Brien and Destino 
Includes a gaff card 
Gold foil tuck and card backs 
Custom court cards 
Custom Jokers 
Printed at Cartamundi
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