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Cupid's Arrow (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Olivier Pont

Cupid's Arrow (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Olivier Pont

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This effect is guaranteed to touch your spectator's heart! Imagine being able to combine magic and love to create a great souvenir for your audience. Cupid's Arrow has been designed just for you! A quick and powerful performance to take with you wherever you go. 


You ask a spectator to choose a card and to sign the name of a person he/she loves on its face. 

You lose the card inside and hand the deck to the spectator. You then draw a bow and an arrow on the back of a random card. Now don't blink, you stretch the string of the bow and the arrow!! 

The arrow magically travels through the deck to reach the signed card. Quick, easy and powerful. 

Be ready for Saint Valentine's Day! Or... any time you want to spread love.
  • Only in RED
  • Easy routine
  • Online instructions
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