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Crystalus Playing Cards

Crystalus Playing Cards

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As simple, yet complex, as a crystalline structure, we bring to you the Crystalus Playing Cards by Mystique Cards. This fully customized design was created to be eye catching and calming through the cool blue tones. 

We designed each Ace uniquely, allowing for a more artistic influence and to add to the aesthetics of this deck of cards. 

The backing was designed to resemble crystal shards as light glows through each piece. Definitely a design that could be a star in your collection. 

The tuck case has a wrapped pattern, allowing for a beautiful display when 3 decks are arranged front, side, and back. On the back of the box, where most decks display the seal, we have placed a heart. This heart, when the box is opened, remains intact. 

The court cards resemble chess pieces, adding to the aesthetics of the crystal concept of the deck. 

This deck was funded by 184 backers through Kickstarter. 

In your hands, a combination of art, compassion, structure and community. 

- Printed by USPCC 
- Custom faces, courts, and back design 
- Crushed stock
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