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Cristian Pestritu's Soul Playing Cards

Cristian Pestritu's Soul Playing Cards

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Its idea was born 3 years ago, but good things take time. Don't they? 

Based on a minimalistic custom design, and innovative pips and colors (transition from red to gold), they best represent a part of Cristian's persona and style. The court cards are customized as well and have been transformed into some close people and friends of the creator (including Jeremy Griffith, Ádám Veller, Angelo Pangalos and Daniel Madison). 

Also, in the simple back design, a full marking system (suit and value) has been thrown in the game for those who love gambling routines. (Also included with every deck is an instructional video teaching the system and a personal routine that Cristian Pestritu uses with the marking system.) 

This is a deck from one Soul to another. 

Produced by BOMBMAGIC, Printed by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Company).
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