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Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller and Vanishing Inc.

Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller and Vanishing Inc.

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A magician's wallet should do three things COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY:
  • Allow you to get a peek of something a spectator has written.
  • Allow you to reveal a palmed object inside a sealed compartment.
  • Function as a great daily wallet.
Some wallets do one or even two of these things, but The Complete Peek Wallet does ALL THREE. 

The crowning achievement of the Complete Peek Wallet is that it allows for the fairest peek yet released: someone draws a picture on the back of your business card, and with your head completely turned, you slip the card back into the middle of a stack of credit cards or business cards. Yet at any point, you get a COMPLETE peek of the entire surface of what they have drawn. 

The wallet also allows you to reveal a borrowed ring, signed card, key, or any small object from a sealed compartment. Palm and no-palm methods can be used interchangeably. 

And, aside from all this, the wallet is manufactured in the United States with premium, soft leather. You can and should use this as your everyday wallet.
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