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Cheese Smile by Smagic Productions

Cheese Smile by Smagic Productions

$ 16.00

We've put on the market a killer effect with your smartphone! 

This is a brand new way to do magic with any freely chosen card appearing right in your spectator's hand! 

Imaging the following. You take a photo of your spectators holding an imaginary card - they're really just holding up their fingers. They then hold onto the phone. You have them choose a random card, without any looking. You tell them to imagine that card in their mind. When your spectators turn over your phone, they find a magical miracle -- the photo now shows them holding their chosen card - it appears right in your spectator's hand! Remember, when the photo was taken, they were not holding any card at all. Now, it's their exact card in their own hand in the photo. Reactions are incredible! 

Available on the App Store and Google Play to download now.

*Product code may take up to 24 hours to be sent out.

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