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Caught Red-Handed by Michael Mode and Arthur Ottney

Caught Red-Handed by Michael Mode and Arthur Ottney

$ 25.00

A Surprisingly Visual Marked Card Routine 

"I really like this trick and appreciate the logic of how the pieces fit together so beautifully." 

- Daryl 

You let the audience in on a secret... 
You're using a marked deck of cards. 
Surprising changes happen as the blue-backed cards become red, and the secret marks become highly visible! 

Includes special deck of cards, DVD and online video instruction. 

- Highly Visual and Interactive 
- Custom Printed Deck - Easy to Do! 
- Full Video Instruction of 3 Handlings 
- Taught from Your Point of View 

"I'm not red-handed, but I was caught." 

- Wayne Dobson 

"That's great! Do it again!" 
- Jeff McBride 

"Fooled me badly!" 
- Doc Eason 

Get Caught Red-Handed, and thoroughly surprise and entertain your audience!

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